If you are looking to take your photography skills to another level, our Photography Workshops Training sessions are your best option. Having started this training program six years ago, we will be teaching you the necessary skills to allow you to hit the ground running on your photography journey – this meaning how to use your camera to get expert night-shoot shots, portrait shots etc.

One-on-One Photography Workshops

Simply using technical skills to take great photos is good (we will teach you that portion of photography) but our main focus lies in teaching you how to turn your model (a family, model or couple) into your best clients to work with. Most people are uncomfortable in front of cameras and it shows up in the photos… So having the ability to put people at ease in front of your camera will instantly up the quality of your photos – we will teach you this and much more at our One-on-One workshops!

Group Photography Workshops

Group photography Workshops happens once a year. If you would like to participate, please contact us for the dates, or watch this space for the dates.

Where will the training take place?

We hold all training at our facilities in Hennenman, however if you would prefer we do training at your premises (perhaps if you would like group training, transport is an issue) we will drive to you.

Please note we include travelling costs in our quotation if that is your preferred option.

What One-on-One training package would you like?

Our 5 Hour Training package:

Our 2 x 5 Hour Training package (Over two days)

If you would like specific software training, i.e Adobe Lightroom training (an excellent photo editing tool you can use to highlight the best in your photos) we charge R500 per hour.

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